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Our Clients Experience

Our clients experiences and the many ways they have been helped through acupressure and reflexology. 

knee pain, joint pain, inflammation, swelling,, Run Ze
back, pain, herniated disc, sciatica,, Run Ze
shoulder pain, joint pain, neck pain, headaches, nerve pain,, Run Ze

Deke P

" I started going to Wen about 5 years ago with severe back pain caused by spinal stenosis, a slipped disc and nerve damage in my lower back, and I had sciatica pain in my right leg. He eliminated the sciatica pain and greatly reduced my back pain.


I continue to see him once a week and he has helped me to manage the pain so I can live a normal life.

I know several people that have been treated by him and they too have had success with this treatment.


I highly recommend him as he is excellent.  He and his wife are wonderful people."

Bill K

"Wen Tao has been treating me for many years.  In two cases (wrist and knee) doctors have told me that surgery would be needed within 3-10 years.

In both cases I am still active, skiing and playing golf, beyond the time that doctors thought surgery would be necessary.   

Because I can schedule him quickly, he takes care of my muscle pulls, tendon problems, and back soreness before they become serious problems. 

He is especially helpful in bothersome and painful cases that are not sufficiently serious to see a doctor.  Without Wen Tao’s expert care I doubt very much if I would still be this active at age 78."

Julie P

"Thank you so much in helping me for many years with my cough, my wrist, ankles, shoulders, back...etc!   The pain goes away and that is such a relief for me and my family.  
You have a wonderful gift in curing pain and ailments.  My family and I are lucky to have you so close by."

Billy S

“WenTao is amazing.  He has helped me with knee, back and shoulder problems.  As a Crossfitter, I have found no better help than WenTao!  Thank you!"

Ellen H

"After many years of trying traditional Western methods like chiropractic care, I finally found  real relief with Master WenTao.  Thank you!"

Maria M

"My walking is back and I am so happy! No more pain pills- Thank you Master WenTao Wei!"

Theresa M

“Thank you WenTao for helping me with my hand and hip.  So much relief!!  Such an ancient method of healing and so wonderful to have found you."

Deb M

"I have done many things to help my neck and back, but until I met WenTao, nothing helped.  It took time, but I feel the best I have felt in years! I thank him and his wife Sheila for all that they do.  
It sometimes takes time to find the answer, but when you do, it pays off.  I recommend him to all."

Albert I

"After several years of back pain and no relief, a friend had seen WenTao for another condition and recommended I see him for my back problem. During my consultation, he assessed the problem, explained his plan for me and has given me the best possible results!  Why suffer with pain a moment longer? I can’t recommend him enough!"                

Mike B

"I have a long history of ankle and foot issues that involves swelling and extreme pain that can limit my mobility for weeks at a time.  I had surgery to correct this, but I still get pain flare ups from time to time.  WenTao is able to pin point the area that is causing the pain and apply treatment to eliminate the swelling and pain.  He is my first line of treatment when I get a flare up."                

Sandy M

"WenTao is amazing!  He helped me with insomnia.  He is a true healer and teaches us to listen to the wisdom of the body.  I have learned so much- thank you!"

Lisa B

"I was diagnosed with a herniated disk and was in tremendous pain. Pain meds brought no relief and the orthopedist recommended surgery as the only option.  I tried multiple modalities -massage, chiropractic, physical therapy, none of which removed the pain.

My first treatment with WenTao, I experienced my first "pain free moments" and knew I was on the right path to healing.  Within a few weeks the vertebrae were realigned and the pain was gone. That was 6 years ago. 

Thank you WenTao for fixing the root of the problem!"

Jeff D

“Thank you for all the time and knowledge you've shared with me! I will pass on your gifts to all my future patients and students!"

Lisa R

"WenTao I pray you stay in good health because I don't know where I would turn in times of need.  There is a presence about you that calms my spirit and I have complete trust in you.  I tell everyone I meet about you!  Thank you for coming to West Springfield!" 

Mei H

“WenTao has cured my problems with my arm and leg.  I really appreciate his professionalism.  He is an excellent acupressurist and healer!”

Laurie L

"WenTao is such a wonderful and amazing healer. My back pain, which has bothered me for over 40 years, is gone!
He is a blessing.
Thank you! Thank you!"

Julie A

"His gentle touch provides wonderful relief for my back pain and this treatment has been instrumental in helping me avoid an operation."

Tracey J

“I have dealt with painful periods (dysmenorrhea) since I was a teenager. 
After just 1 session, I experienced significant relief and after the second session, my monthly pain, that used to have me in bed 1-2 days a month, was completely gone.  That was 6 years ago and I continue to be free from the extreme pain.  Thank you Master Wei!"
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